yoga style guide

All the classes offer a great way to build strength and flexibility, tone muscle, de-stress, relax and create inner/outer peace.

Hatha: This is a general Hatha (physical) yoga class, focusing on the key postures. Building essential core muscles and flexibility by holding each pose in certain time.  It’s great for beginners and those who are more experienced.  Beginners will appreciate a clear introduction to the poses. More experienced yogis will deepen the understanding of key alignment points to refine your practice.
Vinyasa Flow: This is a ‘flowing class’. The postures are linked together in a sequence as you move continuously with the breath. You will find the connection between breath and body movement which leads the connection of your mental, physical and spiritual self. This class is more active and you’ll definitely feel heat. This class is suitable for all level. 

Ashtanga: This class is based on the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga of K. Pattabhi Jois. Starting with Sun Salutation, moving into key standing & sitting poses then finishing sequence.  Great way to learn key poses as well as building strength and flexibility. An exciting experience of both dynamic and restorative styles in a continuous flow of sequence.