...About nùmero 6...

nùmero 6 started in 2011 to provide yoga lessons in English and Japanese at the studios, gyms, and charity events in east and central London. As the city is one of the world busiest, liveliest, exciting place, nùmero 6 believes yoga is beneficial to everyone for keeping balanced in body mind and soul. 

...Who is nùmero 6?...

My name is Natsuko. I am a dedicated yogi to study, practice and sharing of yoga. 

Grown up with buddhism influence from my grandfather, I was always familiar with buddhism philosophy and customs including act of karma, chanting, and meditation. Since yoga and buddhism came from same origin, the moment yoga came across my life, I knew this is something special. Yoga is like my family and friends teaching me about life in a way that penetrates my heart so naturally. After the first contact with yoga, I started exploring various forms of traditions and philosophy such as Ashtanga, Iyanger, Kundalini, Yin, Jivamukti, to name few.

I am certified to teach yoga by Yoga Alliance, and luckily to have opportunity starting nùmero 6 . The intension of all my classes are creating the space to share the experiences and thoughts arises, opening hearts, and encouraging students for sustainable wellness through safe, aligned and mindful practice. I hope everyone to enjoy rediscovering the nature of oneself through yoga living.