new location, new life

It's been very long since I posted last time. I've been good and traveling most of 2012 including 2 months of India trip. I had an amazing time there. I learnt about the country, Yoga and Ayurveda. ( I got certified as an ayurvedic therapist!) Addition to those I mentioned, I learnt about life itself. Making long story short, India made my heart warm, loosen, melt and open. I can accept things happened to me more easily now... means, I am happier person!

after almost 6 months of traveling from asia to europe, i settled in Kobe, Japan. It's a completely new location I'd never imagined to live before. New life started and I am ready to start some yoga lessons. I'm still running around to nice find locations, but planning to start in Autumn. They probably be in Osaka and Kobe. So if anyone around those 2 cities, please check this blog or my new blog here for updates.

Change in life is good, it's all about learning about yourself. Keep learning!


そんな生活も夏が来る前に終わり、今は神戸で新生活を始めています。ちょっと予想外の街に流れ着いたもので、まだまだ謳歌してるとまではいきませんが、久々の日本生活を大事に積み重ねているところです。そろそろヨガレッスンをしたいという気持ちがムクムクと湧き上がり始めたので、少しずつ準備を始めました。秋頃には大阪と神戸で数クラスできたらいいなと思っています。もし、どなたかお近くにお住まいの方は、ぜひまた一緒にヨガをしましょう。このブログ、または新しいブログで近況、レッスン情報のアップデートをしていきたいと思っています。よかったら、新しいブログ"hand at heart"にも遊びに来てくださいね。

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