It’s 12:30am and I’m struggling to sleep from jet lag I still have after 1 week of being back in Japan. My emotion has been so busy wandering between anxiety and sadness to think about the upcoming transition. "Change" sounds tempting but when an actual change reaches I get so scared. And  I am in exactly that situation. That's no wonder because I left last 10years of my life in London and I am naked here... I feel I am an alien with the ability of verbal communication. 
Anyways, there are few things that heals my soul and calms my mind. I would like to share those with you today.  Firstly and most importantly by all mean, yoga is giving me a strength through this time of change. The benefits yoga provides me is way too broad and a bit personal so I will not mention them here but if you are already yogis, I am sure you know what I mean.  Secondary, (not 100% sure of origin but...) an old tibetan buddhism story about overcoming fear. I will try to tell you the detail of this story in the near future. This story is always in my mind, giving me a courage to face the fear inside. The last one is the sound,  music with Sanskrit or Kirtan. The sound of their vibration almost massage the body, the mind and the soul from inside and everything melts in one big ocean of life force. Here is one of my favourite music. I hope you will like it too.  


こんな状況の今、私を支えてくれているもの、心を落ち着かせてくれるものはなんといってもまずはヨガの教えです。行動から思考、心の動きに至るまで、今までのヨガの練習から得た気付きを生活の中に落とし込んでいます。おかげで心を強く自分らしくいることができています。2つ目に、記憶が曖昧なのですが、たしかチベット仏教に関する物語の中の恐れを克服するという話。少し詳しい内容を近いうちにご紹介したいと思います。このお話を胸に抱いていると少しずつ前に進む勇気が湧いてくるのです。そして3つ目に、音楽です。特にサンスクリット語の音楽、またはキルタン。言葉のバイブレーションで心と体と魂を内側から整えてくれます。少し大げさかもしれませんが、気にしていた全てのものが溶けて無くなっていくような気がします。中でも今気に入っているものはこのWah!のBolo Ramです。ぜひ聞いてみて下さいね。

I will take a break from teaching yoga for next couple of months but this blog will be kept posted. This is a good and right opportunity for me to deepen my practice so I will make most of it. Let me share my experience and thoughts in here. I hope you will come back here time to time.