October/November Timetable update

Last timetable is updated. Check it out and contact me for your space in small group of 5people at maximum. Nothing really is special this month except for 23rd/Oct. Vinyasa Flow class at Pineapple studio in Covent garden at 12.00-13.00. This is cover class for Canu yoga. It would be nice experience for you if you haven't tried any yoga studio or learnt in English. Also you'd have many choices for lunch after class thanks to the studio location! All questions, relate to yoga class and practice are welcome at numero6info@gmail.com. Hope to see you on the mats soon.


Be still, be here

Buddha said "We tend to run away from pain and look for pleasure.  But be still, be here because both of them are the forms of suffering."

When we find discomforts in Asana, we try to run away and go back to the place we have been before because we already tried there and know it is a secure place for you. Why don't we just accept what it is, give awareness to the discomfort rather than ignoring it, welcome whatever comes as what it is. Be still, be here. Everything will pass eventually because nothing stay eternal. 


September carries new starts within crisp air under the sun. What is your "news" recently?

For número 6,  it is the season of changes.  My yoga life in London comes to end in early November. I am moving back to Japan for good. It's been only less than a year since I started número 6 but it seems the right time to move on. Thank you all who attended my classes, shared great laughter and sweaty moments! I will help you to keep practice yoga (finding other teachers & classes, recommending books & musics, etc.) 

Yoga classes in número 6 studio are running as usual in most of September and October. (The last class will be 4th of November. )  So please come and enjoy 75mins of yoga pleasure with me! I'm looking forward to welcome you to número 6 studio :)

この度、日本への本帰国が決定いたしました。それに伴い、みなさんに支えられていたnúmero 6のヨガクラスを11月4日のレッスンをもちまして終了とさせて頂くことになりました。今までたくさんの方に参加頂き、本当に感謝の気持ちでいっぱいです。ありがとうございました!

日本へ戻る前にnúmero 6スタジオにてささやかなランチorティーパーティーをしようと思います。11月5日(土)の12時頃スタートを予定しています。約2ヶ月も先のことですので、日が近づいて来ましたらまたご案内致します。とりあえず、手帳に日付だけはマークしておいてくださいね!今までクラスまたは、チャリティーイベント等にお越し頂いた方はどなたでも参加ください。



Park Yoga 20/Aug/2011

お待たせしました!先月20日に開催したPark Yogaの写真です。
Here are the pictures from Park Yoga in 20th of August.