September Schedule Update

Class schedule for September is now updated on timetable and fee page.  Park yoga in Hyde Park last weekend went great and we decided to have another park yoga session (on demand!) Time and place should be the same but I will keep it posted here for updates. The picture from the event will follow soon.

I will have some short holidays September and October. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Check out the time and class then contact me at numero6info@gmail.com for booking your spot. I'm looking forward to sharing yoga experience with you soon.


Yoga in Hyde Park this weekend!!

Let's soak the body and the mind in fresh air!

date:    20th August 
place:  Hyde Park detail
time:   11am-1pm
Nao & I am holding fun yoga session in the park followed by pub/cafe lunch (optional).


for more information, contact me at numero6info@gmail.com



I hope everyone was safe and away from riot that happened last weekend through early this week. 
Some of you might have felt scared, angry or upset not only because of the looters' behaviour but also the reactions towards them came up inside of you. I would like to share a thought from my friend Tammy about the situation. Her point of view may help smoothing your mind.

Now is not the time for the "them" vs "us" attitude.  'Those Looters', 'those Police' .Thisis all us, this is England. Look what we have allowed ourselves to become. Accept it as our doing, to transcend this mindless state of being. Already too many lost souls. Dont fuel this fire with further seperation, anger and fear. Do your bit for society by spreading love, compassion and understanding to all that you encounter. Its proven time and again to be the only solution.

If you want to know little deeper about yoga, I recommend you to read this article about "Namaste". Yes, the word we say at the end of yoga practice.  You will find the link between Tammy's saying and idea of Namaste. 


Ashtanga Vinyasa - Primary Series

Some of the people who attend número 6 class have started enjoying Ashtanga Vinyasa. In that practice, you always practice same asanas in the same order.  Each poses build flexibility and strength towards end, so it's the most beneficial to follow the order. Traditionally you are given a new asana when you complete previous one.  So some people need months to finish Primary, while many of others takes years.

Because of its strictness (or it was just me taking it so) and traditional smell, I used think Ashtanga is something I would be allowed to do only when I am sooooooooo serious. Or even I thought Ashtanga Yogis are snobby people considering other yogis as fashion yogis (like they do it because it's cool) and so on... My imagination was going very wild!

Obviously I was wrong, Ashtanga is nothing to scared of. Especially my teacher Manju P. Jois was most chilled out yoga teacher I can ever think of. He even said we can skip asana if that gives you discomfort too much. How cool is that!? I mean, if you can do all of them, that is way better. But each of us have different condition of mind and body, so knowing it is ok to forgive ourselves to have a break from the rule sometime helps our soul and spirit being honest to ourselves.

Ok, so, here is the sequence of Primary series (click image to enlarge.) Don't worry too much now to remember them because you will learn the order by repeating practice.