up coming events

numero 6 is taking part of 2 events in 1st & 2nd weekend of July.

date:    2nd & 3rd July
palce:  Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, WC1R 4RL
time:    15.00-16.00
Introduction of yoga philosophy, sun salutations, partner yoga etc.

Yoga in the Park
date:    9th July (will be postponed to 16th if it rains)
place:  Hyde Park map
time:   11am-1pm
Nao & I am holding fun yoga session in the park followed by picnic lunch (optional).

for more information, contact me at numero6info@gmail.com


July Timetable

July Timetable is updated. Since the class is closed while I am in Berlin, next month is the time to make up for it. Fortunately numero 6 has regulars who made comment that they will miss the classes while that week. I will be back with new fresh knowledge to share in numero 6 classes.

Check out the time and class then contact me at numero6info@gmail.com for booking your spot. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon.

**The emails I will receive between 24th of June and 1st of July may take time to be replied. I will get back to you as soon as possible but it is depends on how often I can get the internet connection. So I kindly ask your patience in that period. And if you have already paid 5 classes in advance, your expairy date is extended 10 days due to a week closure in the end of June.


Yoga mats available at nùmero 6!

8mm thick sticky yoga mats are now available from nùmero 6. When I was asked by couple of people where to buy mats, I knew couple of places but the balance of decent quality with nice price was tricky. Usually good mats cost. So I researched and found great quality mats as your first one in affordable price.  

Made of durable foam with a high-tack surface for stickiness, this Sticky Yoga Mat is thicker than most mats so you have extra cushion for your routine. This mat features a textured, non-slip surface, and is extremely durable and completely latex free! Mats measure 72" x 24"  (183cm x 61cm) and are completely Phthalate free.

There are 5 colours (orange, green, blue, purple, pink) to chose from. The price is £15 each. Let me know if you'd like to purchase.


Yoga magic

It was beautiful day in London and I did yoga in the park this morning.  Since the date of Ashtanga training in Berlin is coming soon, my practice is all about Ashtanga vinyasa at the moment. To be honest, all my body parts are so sore, feel being completely beaten up... I've never wished to be this tired but somehow the tough practice make me feel most alive and present.  Even some asanas made me breath like Thomas (the train), strangely I was super focused in that super uncomfortable posture.  That's a magic! (Does that happen only to me??)  Anyway, we all know yoga practice has a treat in the end! Savasana! Especially on the fresh green grasses, under the blue sky, in the smell of summer... What can I ask for more??? It's just AMAZING! By the end of Savasana my muscle got totally melted, mind cleared and fresh breeze run through the spine. I hope you know what I mean! Oh yoga is brilliant. It fills me with love. I love yoga. I cannot wait for tomorrow to practice again!!

I'm out of London until Tuesday. Practice in a national park is waiting for me! Wish me luck for the good whether. Mails you send to numero6info@gmail.com will be checked when I get back in town.  I'm sorry for the inconvenience in this period.  

I hope your Sunday will be happy one!


keep practice, keep studying

I taught a classes for Canu Yoga yesterday. Theme of the asanas (yoga poses) was balance but also there was a hidden theme throughout the class, which was giving students some ideas of self-practice. Knowing what you feel, how your body react, and be honest to your sense are very important to your safe practice. Let yoga fit you, do not let yourself fit yoga. Yoga is there for you.

In the history, yoga is learned and developed on self-practice basis because it is not only the physical poses but the way of living, philosophy, finding inner soul, stopping modification of mind stuff etc. We can work on yoga in many situations everyday. 

I practice yoga 5 to 7 days a week. I still learn something every time. Discovery, development, achievement around my body, mind and sprit never end.  What I learn from practice appears as a metaphor in daily life too. What we struggle on our body is just same as work, relationship or anything. 

It is not only in yoga but anything can improve by repeating.  Writing, designing, debating, playing sports and everything need practice. Just bit of patience at first and when you see the improvement, it become your habit.

Once you develop your interest in yoga, keep learning and you will get more benefit. Yoga is honest, it will love you back.