March timetable

Timetable for next month is now updated.  Check out the time and class then contact me at numero6info@gmail.com for booking your spot.  All classes in March are also running on donation basis. Any of your donation will be appreciated. Half of your donation is going to The Special Yoga Centre.

So, see the new timetable for March here and I'm looking forward to seeing you soon.


nùmero 6 Studio

nùmero 6 provides safe, clean, and non-competitive environment for the practice of yoga.  From morning time to throughout afternoon, we get a lovely sunshine from the big window. You will find being energised and simply happy for the sun!

It is not a big studio, but maximum of 5 students allows you to get my full attention. I believe yoga is a personal journey that needs experience and experimentation. That is why nùmero 6 offers small group lessons to support your journey.  


Morning meditation and asana

From personal experience,  better meditation and asana practice is achieved in the morning.  I do them very first thing of the day.  Before eating or drinking tea, I just unroll the yoga mat and sit there silently. Calm sound of heart beat leads to deeper breath, soothing mind and focusing on the start of a new day.

Morning practice consists Surya Namaskara A&B then its variations, lots of standing poses to wake up energy flow, Prana.  Also these sequences will make heat so that the metabolic rate will stay high throughout the day.

If I have to shift the morning practice to the evening, I do more sitting poses and less standing. This allows me to calm down both in body and mind towards end of the day. Forward bend poses also help drawing the senses back within. The key of evening practice is how to turn off the state of mind brought back from outside. I recommend to add some meditation before the asana practice.

Everyone has different preferences. How do you like to practice your Yoga?


knowing your own body

When it comes to the practice of the body (asana), finding differences between imagination and reality causes a bit of struggle.  The body doesn't move as much as it is expected. 'But if I stretch out little more this way... I look like the person next to me who is more experienced.'  But actually in trying to imitate others, you lose the most important purpose of asana. Ouch!

Each pose has a focal point or aim. There is no need to reach the same outcome as other students or the teacher. If you are working on the right area of the body and getting the right effect, that is your pose of the day. Teachers are there to help to find the right variation for you. You will get close to the full pose little by little, day by day.  Knowing your own body is the key for safe practice. Struggling is good. You will see the truth of your own body and work with it. Slowly but surly you will feel the difference.


Hello!! This is nùmero 6!

Today is a new moon and also the lunar New Year's day. As moon cycle is familiar to many yogis, it is the best day to start something. 

My name is Natsuko. I am a yoga teacher in training, aiming to qualify in April 2011. nùmero 6 is my yoga class offering Hatha and Vinyasa Flow style yoga in the studio in East London. ( I will upload class information asap.)

There are many blogs out in the world, like everyone of you seems have one or at least have considered to create one... And I have tried to do on my own already, actually I did multiple times,  and failed most of them.  So I wouldn't dare to ask you to check this blog everyday, but it would be wonderful if you spend your time here. That will motivate me for sure!
nùmero 6 blog will share my thoughts led by yoga-influenced life style. I will write mainly about experiences in nùmero 6 yoga classes, self yoga practice, meditation, healthy eating, and quality of life.  And, I am huge fan of art and design, they are my oxygen... So they will appear here too.   If there are any topics you want me to write some thoughts, leave a comment or email me. I love message !